Red Dawn remake finally has release date

News Simon Brew
24 Nov 2011 - 06:39
Red Dawn

Despite having been shot back in 2009, the Red Dawn remake has shown no signs of appearing on cinema screens. Until now…

In what’s set to be the last of the shot movies that had been sitting on a shelf during MGM’s financial meltdown to see the light of day, a release has finally been announced for the Red Dawn remake.

This is a project that you could quite correctly describe as ‘troubled’.

Originally shot back in 2009, the film was held up while well paid people shuffled spreadsheets around for a while. And then it hit a further problem, when the nationality of the people invading an American city in the film was adjusted from Chinese to North Korean. The thinking there was it would increase the chances of the film making more cash outside of the US.

Finally, the film – which stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki and Connor Cruise – has a set date in the calendar as to when we might expect it, though. It’s still just under a year away, however, with said release set for 2nd November 2012. That’ll be a good three years after production was completed.

We’d assume we’d get a trailer next summer, but until then, don’t expect to hear a lot more about Red Dawn

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