Tom Cruise in talks for We Are Mortals

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9 Oct 2011 - 15:37
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Doug Liman's big budget sci-fi action movie, formerly known as All You Need Is Kill, looks to have found a leading man. And it's Tom Cruise...

Reports are suggesting that Warner Bros is in talks with Tom Cruise to star in Doug Liman’s big budget sci-fi war movie We Are Mortals (formerly known as All You Need Is Kill). The film is set to take place in the distant future, amidst an alien invasion on earth, where humans are seemingly ill equipped to deal with the threat that the extraterrestrial antagonists pose.

Cruise would play the role of a newly recruited soldier who dies in brutal battle with the alien. He then re-lives the days leading up to the battle and the battle itself over and over again, becoming a better soldier in the process.

It sounds an awful lot like an alien invasion version of Source Code from that description, which was a film that did a lot with a fairly modest budget. However I’d imagine that Cruise’s fee for this will probably be in a similar ballpark to Source Code’s entire budget (estimated at $32m).

If Cruise does sign up its unclear when this will start filming, given that he’s currently working on One Shot, playing Jack Reacher, has Rock of Ages coming out next year, and is attached to another sci-fi movie for Warner Bros that's set to shoot next year.

The studio hopes that We Are Mortals will hit cinemas some time in 2013 which, if true, will make Mr. Cruise a very busy man for the foreseeable future.

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