Arrested Devepment movie and TV series set for 2013?

News Glen Chapman
3 Oct 2011 - 19:28
Arrested Development

The much rumoured Arrested Develpment moves closer to production, and it looks like a new TV series is on the cards as well.

After years of rumours it finally looks as though Arrested Development will return, not only with the rumoured movie but also a futher run of the TV show, too.

Speaking at the New Yorker festival on Sunday, Mitch Hurwitz confirmed his plans that would include a TV series that would have an episode devoted to each member of the Bluth family. acting as a lead in to the movie. The opening scene of the movie would then see the family reunited. The plan is for both the TV series and movie to land in 2013.

The finale of Arrested Development aired in 2006, so it’s been a considerable lay off for the series, in which time Hurwitz has been working on scripts to explore the further adventures of the Bluth family and most of the cast have expressed interest in returning to their roles. 

The issues surrounding the show's demise factored into the hiatus, and the full rights have apparently yet to be secured. So it’s still possible that this could all fall through.

Still, some Arrested Development news is always good, and things appear to be moving in a positive direction.


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