Wanted 2 back on the cards

News Simon Brew
28 Sep 2011 - 07:06

The long-mooted sequel to 2008's Wanted has just been given a fresh lease of life...

Warning: the story contains a spoiler for the film Wanted

It was a project that appeared to have been quietly canned, the sequel to Wanted. But Universal Pictures has  decided to press ahead with a Wanted 2, at last, and has now hired writers to put a screenplay together.

Michael Brandt and Derek Haas are returning to pen a script for the sequel, which is set to pick up a few years after the first movie. According to The Wrap, the film is going to concentrate on the character of Wesley, as played by James McAvoy in the original Wanted.

Angelina Jolie had ruled herself out of appearing in the sequel, meanwhile, as was originally talked about last year.

Back then, she said “Being dead makes it difficult … I kind of feel like if I die in a movie, I should die actually. It would just be doing the exact same thing in another movie, so it’s not that interesting to me”.

We’re still some way away from Wanted 2 heading into production, but we’ll keep you posted on it…

The Wrap

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