Steven Spielberg to direct Robopocalypse next year, 2013 release date revealed

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8 Sep 2011 - 07:26
Steven Spielberg

It's definite: Steven Spielberg will shoot Robopocalypse next year, for a summer 2013 release date. This is good news.

Having been away from our screens since he directed Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Steven Spielberg actually has two movies that he’s directed arriving in quick succession in the coming months.

The first is one that he shot some time ago, Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn, which has required an extensive post-production period, given that performance capture techniques have been utilised on the film. After that, there’s his adaptation of the stage play War Horse. The latter might just snag a couple of Oscar nominations.

After that? Well, it won’t be a fifth Indiana Jones movie yet, rather that he’s finally committed to direct the long-mooted Robopocalypse. He’s been circling the project for some time, and it was always planned that an adaptation of Daniel H Wilson’s book would one of the next projects on his radar. It’s now been revealed that he’ll be shooting the film early next year, with a July 3rd 2013 release date announced (which puts it head to head with Despicable Me 2).

Robopocalypse, which is a sod to keep typing out we should tell you, is set in the near future, where the robots that the world depends on suddenly rise up against human beings. Given the fine job that Spielberg did on his last venture into science fiction, Minority Report, we’ve got high hopes for this one.

Before that, he’s slotting in Lincoln, his Abraham Lincoln movie. And once Lincoln and Robopocalypse are in the can? It might just be time for the return of Indy again…

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