Josh Brolin confirmed for Oldboy remake

News Ryan Lambie
30 Aug 2011 - 08:04

Spike Lee’s putting together his remake of the classic revenge thriller Oldboy, and Josh Brolin’s just been confirmed for the lead…

We generally try to be as upbeat as we can about forthcoming movies on Den of Geek, and withhold judgment until the finished product comes along. It can’t just be us, though, that feels a little gloomy about the prospect of an Oldboy remake?

Park Chan-wook’s 2003 thriller was, for us, an outright classic, and we fail to see how a remake could retain either its unique atmosphere or horrifying, stylised violence.

The fact remains, though, that Spike Lee is pressing on with his take on the Korean revenge movie, and writer Mark Protesevich is putting the English-language script together.

And within the last few hours, it’s been officially confirmed that Josh Brolin will take the lead role, starring as the ill-fated protagonist who spends fifteen years locked in a hotel room, and once released, seeks to exact bloody revenge.

Brolin is, of course, a fantastic actor, and Spike Lee is the director of fantastic films such as Do The Right Thing and Summer Of Sam. But can Brolin bring the same hypnotic power to his role as Choi Min-sik did in the original? Can Lee match the artistic verve of Park Chan-wook?

And will his take on the film contain a startling side-scrolling fight scene?

We’ll bring you more news on Lee’s Oldboy remake as it comes in.

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