Robert Rodriguez confirms Sin City 2, Machete sequels

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22 Jul 2011 - 06:38
Rourke. Sin City. Marvellous.

Sin City 2 might just go before the cameras this year, Robert Rodriguez has revealed. Plus, get ready for more Danny Trejo, as more Machete films are coming…

Amongst the sequels that have been a long time coming, Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For is surely quite high up the list. Granted, the first Sin City movie came out in 2005, so there are follow-ups that have taken longer. But, with Sin City 2, there’s been constant chatter about it happening, pretty much since the first film scored solid box office numbers.

Robert Rodriguez, chatting at Comic-Con, has revealed, though, that the film might be about to get out of the starting gate.

He’s declared that the script is in place for the new film (thanks to Frank Miller), and that it might even be possible to shoot the movie later this year. The plan is, again, to include three stories as part of the movie, one of which will be A Dame To Kill For (which should mean a return for Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba).

Obviously, there’s still quite a lot of casting work that would need to be done before cameras roll, but this is comfortably the most hopeful news we’ve heard to date regarding a big screen Sin City follow-up.

Rodriguez, as always, is keeping busy with a collection of projects, and he’s now added sequels to Machete to his slate.

The first of these sequels will go by the name of Machete Kills (not that he didn’t do much of that in the original!). And the third film? That’s going to be Machete Kills Again… In Space! The latter will involve, we understand, a lightsaber-esque weapon. As you'd hope and expect.

No release dates for any of the three films here have yet been announced.


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