First trailer arrives for John Carter

Trailer Ryan Lambie
14 Jul 2011 - 15:08
John Carter

It’s got martians, action, and lots of great alien architecture. It’s the first trailer for Andrew Stanton’s forthcoming John Carter...

There are several reasons to look forward to John Carter, due out next year. For one thing, it’s the first proper, big-budget treatment for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ literary hero, having been stuck on Hollywood’s drawing boards for the best part of 80 years. (For a slightly more detailed look at John Carter’s protracted journey from page to screen, why not take a look at our preview from last month?)

Another reason to get excited about John Carter: it’s the live-action debut of Andrew Stanton, previously known for his excellent Pixar movies such as Finding Nemo and WALL-E. Stanton’s assembled a sterling cast for Carter, including James Purefoy, Mark Strong, Samantha Morten and Willem Dafoe, and he’s brought all his creative talents to bear on this exotic, tall tale about a American Civil War veteran’s adventures on Mars.

My only worry is that, due to the age of Burroughs’ stories, and the sheer number of other movies that have borrowed freely from the author’s ideas, a wider audience will assume that John Carter’s just a rip off of Star Wars, or more likely, Avatar, with that film’s blue pallete swapped for varying shades of red ochre.

It’s clear even from the brief trailer below, however, that John Carter’s creators have a passion for the stories they’re adapting, and I’m hoping that, if the finished movie is as good as the promo suggests, it’ll ultimately find the success it deserves.

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