Will Ferrell to reunite with Adam McKay on Swear To God

News Ryan Lambie
30 Jun 2011 - 04:47

Having worked together multiple times in the past, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will join forces once again for the comedy Swear To God...

When frequent collaborators Adam McKay and Will Ferrell work together, the results are generally rather good. Personally, I don't think they've ever bettered the sublime comedy, Anchorman, but there's still plenty to enjoy in their later efforts, such as Talladega Nights and, most recently, The Other Guys.

Now, Deadline has reported that McKay and Ferrell will be pairing up once again for the odd-sounding comedy, Swear To God. It's described as a buddy comedy, with Ferrell playing a hedge fund manager who becomes convinced that he's glimpsed the face of the almighty.

The script's from Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland, who previously wrote the rather unpleasant road trip comedy, Due Date. They've also been responsible for episodes of King Of The Hill and American Dad, so it's not all bad.

McKay is currently on board as producer, and it's been suggested he may direct, too, though that hasn't yet been confirmed, nor has the identity of the actor who'll play alongside Ferrell, given that it's being billed as a buddy comedy.

We've already heard that Will Ferrell will be again teaming up with his Other Guys co-star, Mark Wahlberg, for the comedy, Three Mississippi, once called Turkey Bowl, which we understand has something to do with football.

What we'd really like to see, though, is McKay direct Ferrell in another feature. An Anchorman sequel may not be about to happen anytime soon, but whenever they make a movie together, the results are always worth watching.


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