Cross one director off The Wolverine short list

News Simon Brew
10 Jun 2011 - 07:05

One of the names linked with directing The Wolverine has ruled himself out of the running…

Fox is still hunting for a director for its next X-Men movie, The Wolverine, following Darren Aronofsky's decision to leave the project. And earlier this year, a shortlist of eight directors emerged online, which were apparently the names on the Fox wishlist for the film.

Sadly, it seems that one of the most interesting names on said list won't be getting the gig. Digital Spy chatted to Mark Romanek, who helmed One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go, and he said, "That's just one of those stories that floated around. I was on their list. I received the script months ago. It didn't seem like my kind of thing."

He did note that the screenplay was strong, just that it was "not something I felt really passionate about".

That leaves Doug Liman, Antoine Fuqua, Gavin O'Connor, James Mangold, Gary Shore, Justin Lin and Jose Padilha of those on the original list, although the chances are that said list will have evolved quite a lot over these past months.

The bottom line is that there's still little sign of The Wolverine going before the cameras anytime soon...

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