Disney releases trailer for The Lion King 3D release

Trailer Simon Brew
27 May 2011 - 06:58

The Lion King, like you’ve never seen it before, apparently. Er…

I love The Lion King. The upcoming Blu-ray release of the film is one that I'd got on pre-order already, and I'd love the opportunity to see it on the big screen once more. To my knowledge, it hasn't had a full re-release since it first hit cinemas back in 1994.

However, I'm not sure that a 3D roll-out is quite what most people want. Disney is bringing the film back to cinemas for a short period, before its high definition release. And I could name many people who would jump at the chance to watch it in a cinema.

But in 3D? I'm not so sure. Disney will be targeting the 3D re-release at younger audiences, rather than those of us that saw the film when it first came round. But if you can find me a big, 2D screen to watch it on, I'm there...

Here's the trailer...

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