Warner Bros delays UK DVD release of John Carpenter’s The Ward

News Simon Brew
6 May 2011 - 07:26

The UK DVD and Blu-ray release of The Ward, the latest John Carpenter film, has been put back five months. And here’s why…

We've just got first word of a piece of news from Warner Bros that we suspect the many John Carpenter fans who read this site will be interesting in hearing. For his latest movie, The Ward, was due for release on DVD in the UK on 16th May, yet we've heard that it's now been put back five months.

Warner Bros told us that "The current Blu-ray and DVD configurations of The Ward are not in the preferred aspect ratio of Warner Home Video UK.

In order to release The Ward in the theatrically shot aspect ratio of 2.35 we are moving the release date to October 10th 2011."

That sounds a far better idea than releasing the movie in the wrong aspect ratio, and we're happy to pass the news along.

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