Pixar confirms Monsters Inc prequel

News Simon Brew
30 Mar 2011 - 07:09

It’s been rumoured for some time, but now it’s very much definite: the Monsters Inc sequel is actually a prequel…

Pixar is in a bit of a run of sequels at the moment. Toy Story 3 dominated the world last year, and this summer, Cars 2 is going to have a go at doing the same thing.

In 2012, meanwhile, we're getting two Pixar movies in a year for the first time ever. Firstly, there's the terrific-looking Brave. And then, now officially confirmed, there's a new Monsters Inc movie.

Disney has confirmed at CinemaCon, too, the ongoing rumours that the film would be a prequel to the first one. That's, indeed, going to be the case, and Monsters Inc 2 will actually be called Monsters University.

It's due in cinemas in November 2012, and as soon as we have more info on it, we'll send it your way...

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