Is Marc Forster’s adaptation of World War Z in trouble?

News Ryan Lambie
22 Mar 2011 - 17:40

Long in gestation, Paramount are now reportedly struggling to find the funds to make World War Z. Could the project be dead in the water?

An adaptation of Max Brooks’ excellent zombie novel World War Z has been circulating around the Hollywood system for some time now, and as anyone who’s read the book will know, the epic scale of the source material will require a hefty budget if it’s to be adapted with the necessary sense of occasion.

It’s unsurprising, then, that Paramount is struggling to find someone with deep enough pockets to co-finance the project’s proposed $125 million budget. And according to a story on Vulture, the studio’s thinking of drawing a line through the project if it doesn’t find the requisite cash soon (ironically, this comes on the same day that Paramount has backed out of Dune).

That the film can’t find the financing it needs is doubly surprising when one considers that Brad Pitt’s attached to it. Furthermore,  direction in the reliable hands of Marc Forster. Those are two names you’d think would at least go some way to getting a film off the drawing board.

Unlike Guillermo del Toro, who refused to reduce the proposed certification of his pet project At The Mountains Of Madness from an R to a PG-13 rating, Forster is also reportedly willing to tone down World War Z’s bloodier content in order to get the film made.

Is the wobbling fortunes of World War Z a further example of Hollywood’s current antipathy towards R-rated films, or is it simply the case that La-La-land’s moneymen are nervous of funding yet another zombie movie?

More news on World War Z’s shuffling progress as we get it.


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