Exclusive: Rango progression artwork

News Simon Brew
3 Mar 2011 - 18:05

Get a glimpse at how Rango came together, with this exclusive progression artwork…

Rango finally hits cinema screens today, and if there's any justice, it'll be motoring to the top of the box office charts in double quick time, and will be staying there for some time. It's a terrific film, and you can read our review linked below.

It's also the first film to be fully animated by ILM from start to finish, and what we've got for you here is something a little special. For we've got some of the progression artwork from the film, showing it building up from initial sketches through to the final end result.

To get a closer look at any of the images, click on the one you want to mooch at, and it'll go bigger before your eyes.

And do go and see Rango. It's ace.

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