Jack Ryan reboot: new writer, director confirmed

News Simon Brew
3 Feb 2011 - 07:03

Chris Pine is set to play Jack Ryan in the upcoming reboot of the movie franchise. And some help is being brought on board to get the next film, Moscow, ready for the cameras…

Here's what we already know about Paramount's rebooting of the Jack Ryan franchise. Firstly, Chris Pine will be following in the shoes of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck by playing the Tom Clancy-created character. And secondly, the film is going under the working title of Moscow, having been based on an original idea, rather than following a Clancy book. (To be fair, they pretty much ignored the Clancy books anyway.)

Moscow isn't likely to be the final name of the film, and the screenplay, that's been worked on by Hossein Amini, Adam Cozad and Anthony Peckham at various points, isn't going to be the final draft, either. Deadline is reporting that Jack Ryan series veteran, Steven Zaillian, has been brought in to rewrite the screenplay, which should hopefully leave the project in a state to go ahead.

Deadline also seems to confirm that Jack Bender is down to direct the movie. Bender is best known for helming many of the biggest episodes of Lost.

Paramount plans to have the film in production this year, which may yet see it added to the packed blockbuster roster of 2012 that we discussed yesterday.


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