Bridesmaids: first trailer from new R-rated comedy

Trailer Simon Brew
2 Feb 2011 - 06:17

Judd Apatow. Paul Feig. Kristen Wiig. Could Bridesmaids be the surprise comedy hit of the year?

"I'm not even confident of which end that came out of."

Yesterday, we brought you the first poster for the film Bridesmaids, a film that we'd suggest many of you overlook on the basis of the title alone. If you're anything like us, when you first saw the name, the thought of a hidden Bride Wars 2 sent shudders of fear down your spin.

But Bridesmaids looks far, far better than that. Directed by Paul Feig and produced by Judd Apatow (the geniuses behind Freaks And Geeks), the film stars the mighty Kristen Wiig, and on the basis of this trailer, is set to give the likes of The Hangover Part II a bit of a run for its money.

Here's the trailer, and the film itself arrives on May 13th in the US, and June 24th in the UK.

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