David Duchovny wants to make another X-Files movie

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13 Jan 2011 - 04:43

It’s been three years since the last X-Files movie, but star David Duchovny is still anxious to make a third one…

The last X-Files movie, I Want To Believe, was less than brilliant, and its lacklustre box office performance was perhaps a reflection of the palpable sense of disappointment that greeted it. Discarding the extraterrestrial conspiracies that made the television series and first X-Files movie so compelling, the sequel instead concentrated on an oddly low-key supernatural plot involving defrocked priests, visions and Billy Connolly.

Despite that film's fate, series star David Duchovny remains highly enthusiastic about making another X-Files feature, and he says (not for the first time) that both co-star Gillian Anderson and series creator Chris Carter are interested in making one too.

"We're all like this little X-Files family, and I, for one, would love to continue," Duchovny told Showbiz Spy. "And I think there's a lot left in the show. You know? And I think we can continue to make good movies. It's just a matter of spending enough on a movie that can compete in the summertime. We made a movie and released it in the summer, but it wasn't really a blockbuster movie. And it got kind of overshadowed by the bigger ones. So, we're saying, make us big. We'll fight with the big boys."

As Shock Till You Drop points out, the X-Files series always carried dire warnings of an alien invasion, which in the show's mythology is set to occur in 2012. Such an event would surely be a hit with fans of the series and provide a logical final chapter in one of the best sci-fi shows of the 90s.

With 2012 just around the corner, however, and no sequel formally announced, such a film looks less likely with every passing day. Unless, of course, Chris Carter can think of a plausible reason for having the aliens postpone their invasion by a year or so...

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