Monsters director Gareth Edwards to helm Godzilla

News Simon Brew
5 Jan 2011 - 07:01

The new big screen take on Godzilla has found its director, with Monsters helmer Gareth Edwards set to take on the job…

The mooted new big screen take on Godzilla has moved one big step closer to fruition with the news that Gareth Edwards has been hired to direct the film.

The news has broken over at Heat Vision, which reports that, off the back of Edwards' terrific Monsters, made on a microscopic budget, Legendary Pictures is close to inking a deal with him for its Godzilla project.

Edwards is set to work on the script, along with an as-yet unhired new writer, but it's unclear thus far whether they'll keep the guts of the screenplay that's already been written by David Callaham.

There's no fixed time scale that we know of yet on the project, although we'd imagine that Legendary will be looking to head into production before the year is out. Once we know more, we will, of course, let you know.

For now, here's the full story at Heat Vision.

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