Monsters Inc 2 set to be a prequel?

News Simon Brew
4 Jan 2011 - 07:28

Could Sulley and Mike be heading off to the University Of Fear in Monsters Inc 2?

It's not due until the end of next year, but word has seeped out that Pixar's follow-up to Monsters, Inc is set to be a prequel, rather than a sequel.

The news appeared at a Dutch blog by the name of Animatie, which got hold of a catalogue that Disney reportedly handed out to cinema owners. We've not seen the catalogue ourselves, so can't corroborate this, but it's an interesting rumour, and a plausible one.

Apparently, the new film will see Sulley and Mike signing up for the University Of Fear, and the movie will chart how the pair turned from enemies into friends.

Monsters, Inc 2 (or whatever it turns out to be called) isn't due in cinemas until November 2012 (there are two more Pixar films heading our way first, starting with this summer's Cars 2), so it might be a while before we find out how true the prequel rumour is. But we'll keep you posted...


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