Trailer arrives for Hanna

Trailer Ryan Lambie
21 Dec 2010 - 08:54

Fighting! Action! Training in the woods! The first trailer arrives for Joe Wright’s forthcoming thriller, Hanna...

We heard a few months back that Oscar-winning actress Saoirse Ronan was re-teaming with Atonement director Joe Wright to make the teen assassin movie, Hanna, and the first trailer for that movie is finally here.

Ronan stars as an eastern European girl raised as a neck-snapping killing machine, while Eric Bana plays her authoritarian father. Cate Blanchett’s in the mix too, as a husky-voiced CIA operative who may or may not be the villain of the piece.

Looking like a classy meld of La Femme Nikita and The Bourne Identity, Hanna looks like a slick, well-made thriller, with an excellent-sounding Chemical Brothers theme tune to boot. Eric Bana's European accent seems a little, erm, freeform, but we'll gloss over that...

Hanna hits UK cinemas on 8 April 2011.

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