Wrath Of The Titans locked for March 2012

News Simon Brew
15 Dec 2010 - 07:06

Clash Of The Titans 2 has a release date. And the Kraken will be re-released in two years’ time…

Right now, we're currently putting together our writers' choice for film of the year, and as part of the vote, each contributor has been invited to nominate their stinker, too. We have to tell you, friends, that Clash Of The Titans has been making an appearance in at least one of the two lists we're preparing. We'll let you guess which.

The film made, however, a truckload of money, even with its now infamous 3D bolt-on. As such, it's long been confirmed that there's a sequel on the way (possibly two), and a few weeks back, the title of Wrath Of The Titans was confirmed.

Now we also know when to expect the film. It's been earmarked for release on 30th March 2012, pretty much two years after the release of the original.

There's a new director this time, with Jonathan Liebesman (who's helmed next year's Battle: Los Angeles) calling the shots. Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton and Liam Neeson are all returning to star.

The film will be shot from the off in 3D this time around, too. If you do have to go down the 3D road, that sounds a far more sensible way to do it to us...

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