First Fast Five trailer arrives, features cars

Feature Ryan Lambie
15 Dec 2010 - 04:17
Fast Five

Men drive cars! Men crash cars! It’s the first trailer for the forthcoming Fast Five...

Critics hate them, and they're the kind of movies you can't, apparently, really openly admit to liking. It's The Fast And The Furious series, and whether you're a particular fan of their mixture of speeding cars and macho posturing or not, they keep making money, so Hollywood keeps on rolling them off the production line.

Fast Five, which once again stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker as the petrol heads always on the wrong side of the law, looks like the most over the top series entry yet. We tried to count the number of wrecked cars that appear in the first trailer, but got bored after three and then went and did some washing up.

Note, too, that among the crashing vehicles and repeated shots of ladies' posteriors, Paul Walker is never given the opportunity to speak. Given the rich mahogany performances he turned in for the earlier movies, that's perhaps a good thing.

Admittedly, I'm a closet fan of the Fast series. They're daft and badly written, but they at least give me the opportunity to do a bit of car spotting. "Oh, look. That's a Ford GT, and that's a Mustang," and so forth.

The promo made its debut on Vin Diesel's Facebook page (he has 30 million friends, followers, or acolytes, we're told), where the actor promised "more action than you've ever seen in a Fast And Furious movie" in an enthusiastic introduction. Oh, and be warned: the trailer also contains gratuitous scenes of Dwayne Johnson, who sports some quite extraordinary facial furniture.

Fast Five is due out next April. Great.

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