Trailer arrives for Real Steel

Trailer Ryan Lambie
9 Dec 2010 - 15:55
Real Steel

The first trailer lands for the robot boxing movie Real Steel, which you can see right here…

Massive robots punching each other in the face. That’s the premise that lies at the heart of DreamWorks’ forthcoming Real Steel. Playing like a sci-fi reworking of Rocky, Hugh Jackman stars as a down-on-his-luck boxing promoter who attempts to change his fortunes by training his own gigantic metal pugilist for a shot at winning the World Robot Boxing Championships.

Even from the brief trailer you can see here, it’s evident that director Shawn Levy (Night At The Museum, Cheaper By The Dozen) has taken the film far from the Twilight Zone episode on which it’s based – instead of the men in masks that had to pass for robots in 1963, the boxing rings of Real Steel are populated by 18-feet-tall monstrosities with Mohawks and scowling faces.

Lost’s Kevin Durand and Evangeline Lilly join Hugh Jackman as the fleshy human members of the cast, but it’s the robots that most people will probably be paying to see, and very shiny they look, too.

Real Steel will arrive in UK cinemas on 7 October 2011.

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