Kevin Smith corrects Internet wrongs, talks Red State

News Simon Brew
29 Nov 2010 - 07:17

Clerks III? Red State? Retirement? Kevin Smith has been having his say about the latest rumours to circulate around Internetland…

Here's the latest in a line of examples (and the second today!) of a director putting straight a series of rumours that have sprung up online. And this time, it's Mr Kevin Smith who's been doing the correcting.

He's done so via Slashfilm, which contacted him surrounding a quote that had been attributed to him in the Boston Phoenix. Smith was quoted as saying that "Red State is done. Next step is the hockey movie, Hit Somebody. Then I'm done. There's possibly a Clerks 3. If I have something to say in my late 40s about being in my late 40s, I'll think of [Clerks'] Dante and Randal. Shy of that, I don't have any more movies I want to make."

As it turns out, though, those who concluded that the quote meant Smith was retiring had very much, unsurprisingly, got the wrong end of the stick.

Smith wrote a long e-mail response to Slashfilm, and it's well worth checking out. Key passages? Try this:

"But THIS "retirement" crap? Not news so much as another sad example of how fucking lazy movie press has become: they cannibalize stories by other writers just to have something to post on their own blogs. Yours was the only website that bothered to go DIRECTLY to the source, Peter - other cats ran articles without even tossing a Tweet my way to check veracity."

He went on to tell the site, "At this moment in time, I've got no other flicks I wanna make," (once he's done with his upcoming hockey movie, Hit Somebody), adding that "There are no concrete plans to make Clerks III."

Do check the rest of the article out, which also touches on the unusual way that Smith is set to pick the distributor for his now-in-the-can horror movie, Red State. Plus, it's worth checking out his Smodcasts for the latest, up to date information on both Red State and Hit Somebody.


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