First trailer arrives for Duncan Jones' Source Code

Trailer Ryan Lambie
20 Nov 2010 - 15:53

Source Code, the second feature from Moon director Duncan Jones gets its first trailer. You can see it right here...

After the remarkable Moon released last year, we’ve been quietly waiting to see what director Duncan Jones would come up with for his second feature.

A film we’ve heard very little about until recently, the first trailer for Source Code looks like a mixture of action thriller, Groundhog Day and Quantum Leap. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who uses experimental technology to ‘leap’ into the bodies of people eight minutes before they die, there’s even a faint whiff of Inception around Jones’ latest movie.

Certainly, it’s a world away from the intimate sci-fi character study that was Moon, and it’ll be fascinating to see just how good Jones is at handling a larger scale, apparently stunt-filled movie the trailer implies.

It’s also worth comparing the trailer to Source Code with those of Inception, where Christopher Nolan’s considerable box office clout allowed him to get away with explaining almost nothing of his movie’s intricate inner workings. The promo clip of Source Code feels compelled to explain its premise in considerable detail.

The trailers for Moon were similarly revealing, even giving away a revelation that should surely have been left as a surprise to be discovered in the cinema.

Personally, we prefer trailers that get across the mood and tone of a film rather than the specifics of plot - particularly in mystery/thrillers such as Moon and Source Code - but maybe that's just us.

Nevertheless, Source Code looks like an intriguing, well-made sci-fi thriller, and after the sheer brilliance of his debut, we’ll happily rush to the cinema to see Duncan Jones’ latest feature, which is due out next April.

Here's that trailer...

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