Brand new trailer for Red

Trailer Simon Brew
25 Aug 2010 - 06:46

Bruce Willis leads an aging crop of agents fighting for their lives in the movie adaptation of DC Comics’ Red. And here’s the latest trailer for it…

"I kill people, dear."

Based on the DC comic book, Red already, to us, looks far more promising than last autumn's Bruce Willis vehicle, Surrogates. Whereas Surrogates - which had genuine potential - never really delivered on its premise, Red is already shaping up to be a more entertaining choice.

It brings together a collection of ex-CIA agents, who find themselves as targets due to the secrets they hold in their head. Uniting Bruce Willis with Morgan Freeman, a batshit-crazy looking John Malkovich, and what looks like a really fun, against type performance from Helen Mirren, the film is directed by Robert Schwentke, who reportedly is on the shortlist for helming the second Wolverine movie.

For now, here's the new international trailer for Red. The film is down for release on 15th October in the US, and 22nd October in the UK.

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