Fantastic Four reboot casting rumours

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23 Aug 2010 - 07:36

Who will be playing Johnny Storm, Susan Storm and Reed Richards in the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four? We might just have some clues…

Appreciating that some were fans of the first two Fantastic Four movies that Fox knocked out over the past years, there were still many who were pleased that the studio decided to go down the reboot route, rather than trying to press on with a third film in its current line. As such, there's an element of back to square one for Fox with the project, as it looks to stop the rights to the Fantastic Four reverting back to Marvel (and thus Disney) by putting a new film into production.

It certainly appears to be making progress, too. We already know, for instance, that The Thing this time will be a CGI character, rather than Michael Chiklis in a suit. We also know that director Tim Story is very unlikely to return, too, and that the entire cast is changing.

And it's casting rumours that have been floating around over the past few days. Comic Book Movie is reporting, for instance, that the role of Susan Storm might be heading in the direction of Alice Eve (who was originally set for X-Men: First Class, and recently appeared in She's Out Of Your League). Amber Heard (Zombieland) has also been linked with the part.

Furthermore, Chris Evans' role as The Human Torch/Johnny Storm is being linked with Kevin Pennington, a lower profile actor whose most prominent role to date was in TV show 90210 a couple of years back.

As for the role of Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards? Well, according to Screen Rant, Fox is considering Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers for the role.

So, when can we see the film? There are conflicting reports on this. Some are suggesting that Fox will wait and see how its X-Men: First Class movie does next summer, and others say that the studio is looking to roll out the movie in the summer of 2012. Chances are both could be right, to be fair...

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