The full trailer for The Social Network

Trailer Simon Brew
16 Jul 2010 - 06:39
The Social Network

Catch the first footage from David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook movie, The Social Network, with its first full trailer…

In the past month, we've had two teaser trailers for one of the autumn's most intriguing films, The Social Network. This is the film that tells the story of the origins of Facebook, and what's made it so interesting is the fact that Aaron Sorkin has written the movie, and David Fincher has directed it. Why would they be attracted to a film about Facebook? Well, we're finding out bit by bit.

The latest clues come in the shape of the proper, full-length theatrical trailer, which, unlike the teaser trailers, actually features footage from the film. And our levels of intrigue have dropped not a jot.

It's a fascinating looking film, and while the trailer doesn't give too much of the game away, it builds up nicely, and did little to dissuade us from buying a ticket to the finished film.

The movie arrives on 1st October in the US, and hits the UK on 15th October. And here's that trailer for it...

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