Tron Legacy calls on Pixar expertise

News Simon Brew
14 Jul 2010 - 07:24

Disney calls on some of Pixar’s finest to help beef up its upcoming, eagerly-awaited Tron Legacy…

We're expecting to see quite a bit more of Tron Legacy in the next week or two, courtesy of its upcoming panel at Comic-Con. However, there's already a really good story emerging about how Joseph Kosinski has gone about improving his film.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kosinski screened the eagerly-awaited movie to selected Pixar people (including John Lasseter) back in March this year. And off the back of that, Disney brought in Toy Story 3 scribe Michael Arndt and Brad Bird (The mighty Iron Giant, Ratatouille) to pen new material for reshoots. Furthermore, that writing also kept the film's original screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz involved, too.

It's not a bad talent resource Disney has to fall back on there, and to be able to bring in two such Pixar talents (and let's not forget that Brad Bird has form in improving projects late into production) is clearly a major advantage that the studio has.

It's interesting that it's using Pixar's expertise in this way too, and dare we say it, quite promising.

In all, six days of reshoots were undertaken last month, to help beef up "character, emotion, and theme". That's not going to delay the film's release a jot, though, given that reshoots at this stage are hardly uncommon.

We still, therefore, have until 17th December to wait. Expect more Tron Legacy news in this next couple of weeks, though...

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