X-Men First Class has its Professor X

News Simon Brew
28 May 2010 - 07:38

James McAvoy steps into Patrick Stewart’s shoes as the new Professor X, in X-Men: First Class…

We're expecting the casting announcements for X-Men: First Class to come thick and fast over the coming weeks, given that the film is about to shoot in order to meet its June 2nd 2011 release date in the US.

We already know that Matthew Vaughn is on board to direct the film, and that he's brought in his Kick-Ass collaborator Jane Goldman to help pen the script. But now we also know the identity of the actor who is stepping into Patrick Stewart's shoes to play the young Professor X.

And it's Mr James McAvoy. This is an unexpected beneficiary of the decision of Universal to scrap production of Wanted 2, which would have tied McAvoy up for much of the year. As it stands, he's clear to take on another franchise, and we imagine he's locked in for more than one movie should First Class take off

Shooting starts in London this summer.


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