Tango & Cash 2?

News Simon Brew
26 May 2010 - 07:49

Could Raymond Tango and Gabriel Cash — aka Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell — be teaming up again for Tango & Cash 2?

Given that Sylvester Stallone appears to have left Rambo behind, and that a fifth John Rambo outing was supposed to be his next new project post-The Expendables, we figured that instead he'd look to revive one of his earlier hits for a further sequel. Demolition Man would have been a favoured choice, but the rumour mill this morning suggests he may be revisiting the terrific 1990 action hit, Tango & Cash.

This is the one, as we suspect you well know, that co-stars Mr Kurt Russell, and according to Music Rooms, Stallone is keen to bring the pair back together. It quotes a source as saying, "Sly thinks there is still a story to be told with Tango and Cash and the chemistry between the two characters would be even more interesting now they are older."

We suspect the truth is also that Stallone finds it easier to get sequels to old projects than brand new ideas off the ground. Even The Expendables, which we still can't wait for, basically has the feel of being a sequel to an era of 80s movies. And The Expendables 2 will surely be a cert if the first film can muster an opening weekend around the $30m mark in the US.

We're indebted to Moviehole for pointing out that Kurt Russell was actually offered a part in The Expendables. And it also seems that Russell is up for the idea of working with Stallone once more. Will Tango & Cash 2 be that project? We'll keep you posted...

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