Breck Eisner to direct Escape From New York remake

News Simon Brew
23 Apr 2010 - 08:01

The long-mooted remake of the John Carpenter classic Escape From New York might just have found its new director…

Earlier this year, Breck Eisner achieved that rarest of feats: he made a horror movie remake that was actually quite good. His take on The Crazies actually bothered to do something a little different, and as such, the end result was both critically and commercially quite successful.

His next project was expected to be - as he told us - the 3D version of Flash Gordon, which was set to come with a massive budget too. But where that sits in the scheme of things now is unclear.

For Eisner has now been announced as the director of the latest remake of a John Carpenter film, Escape From New York. This is a project that's been languishing in the Hollywood system for years, with Len Wiseman at one point attached to direct. However, New Line is about to confirm Eisner as its new choice, and he'll be working with a draft script from Allan Loeb.

There's no timescale been mentioned yet, but given that this is likely to be a smaller production than Flash Gordon, don't be surprised if Escape From New York gets off the landing pad first.

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