Predators screenwriters to pen Masters Of The Universe

News Simon Brew
13 Apr 2010 - 07:24

The long-mooted new movie version of Masters Of The Universe heads back to the screenplay stage…

It's been a long and laborious process to try and bring He-Man back to the big screen, as Columbia Pictures' thirst to apply new technology to Masters Of The Universe hasn't been matched by a combination of good script, good director and the right budget (although it's been close once or twice).

However, it's having another go, and it's being reported that it's now hired Mike Finch and Alex Litvak to write a fresh script for the project. This is the pair who have come up with the finished screenplay for this summer's Predators, and they have to beat the hurdle that other writers have fallen at - namely getting the signoff for their script from Mattel.

Mattel has previously nixed what was regarded as a strong screenplay from Justin Marks, and it's not entirely clear why (Marks' script was reportedly quite tough and hard-edged, which potentially may go against what Mattel is looking for). This does inevitably lead to questions about the direction that Finch and Litvak may have to go in, but that's all idle speculation at this stage.

All we know for certain is that the pair are beginning work on the script imminently, and that it's the most potent sign of light at the end of this particular tunnel that we've seen for a little while.

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