Pixar cans its summer 2012 release Newt?

News Simon Brew
22 Feb 2010 - 07:25

The story of the last two newts on Earth looks like it won’t see the light of day, as Pixar reportedly pulls the plug on Newt…

Pixar’s planned film Newt, a story of the last two newts on the planet who happen to not stand each other but ultimately have to find a mate to save the species, has reportedly been canned. The film was set to be Pixar's 2012 release, but a comment over at the Animation Guild Blog from Disney's Floyd Norman says of the project, "Oh, and ‘Newt' is dead", adding later on that "Naturally, our pals up north run a tight ship, so it's not polite to provide details at this time."

The film was to have been directed by Gary Rydstrom, who had already helmed the Pixar short Lifted (which played before Ratatouille in cinemas). And while Pixar itself hasn't confirmed the news, the speculation is now that Monsters Inc 2 will be pushed forward to fill the summer 2012 slot that Newt had been earmarked for.

The post is here and we got to it through the fine folks at Pixar Talk here.


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