What next for Sam Raimi?

News Simon Brew
12 Jan 2010 - 08:27

Will Sam Raimi, now he’s not making Spider-Man 4, press ahead with the World Of Warcraft movie? Or, even better, Evil Dead 4?

As the fallout continues over Sony's cancellation of Spider-Man 4, there could be an unexpected upside to director Sam Raimi's departure from the Spider-Man director's chair. It seemed fairly clear that, just with Spider-Man 3, Sony wasn't giving Raimi the freedom to make the film he wanted to make, and as those of us who sat through Drag Me To Hell last year can testify, an unshackled Raimi makes for one of America's most interesting directors.

The upside, therefore, is that it leaves Raimi free to tackle one of the other projects with which he's been linked over the years.

Clearly top of the list for many of us is the long-mooted Evil Dead 4, which Raimi has been working on the script for. Could it be a project he turns to that allows him the control that he clearly wasn't getting with Spider-Man 4?

The other leading option is that if Raimi is keen to do another blockbuster, then he's been heavily linked with the director's chair on the World Of Warcraft movie. This has been penned by Robert Rodat (who has The Patriot and Saving Private Ryan to his name), and was being set up at Warner Bros. In spite of the names of 10 producers linked to the film (of which Raimi is one), you suspect they'd snap Raimi's arm off to get him in the director's chair.

There are other projects, too, with which Raimi has been linked. The Wee Free Men, based on the book by Terry Pratchett, has been mooted, as has science fiction thriller No Man's Land. He's tentatively been linked to both to direct, and the cumulative effect of all of these is that Raimi has a slate of projects (not including those he's attached to in a producing capacity) from which to pick.

One thing we'd wager, though: we bet which project Raimi does - and we really hope it's Evil Dead 4 - doesn't end up at Sony...

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