Metal Gear Solid movie shelved

News Simon Brew
12 Jan 2010 - 07:54

The planned movie of Metal Gear Solid hits the skids, as its producer reveals that the project is in limbo…

We could start by getting the obvious gags and comments out of the way. For there are some of us who felt like we'd sat through more than one movie by the time the end credits rolled on Metal Gear Solid 4. While there were moments of real gaming brilliance in the game, it still felt to us like we were being force-fed cut scene after cut scene before we were given permission to actually play the bloody game. Granted, the cut scene in games debate is perhaps one for another time. But yikes, did Metal Gear Solid 4 test our eyeballs. It felt like having to sit through someone's holiday snaps before they'd let you have a drink.

It did, though, seem logical to extend the game into a movie proper, given that those behind the game seemed very keen to show off their filmmaking skills. And it seemed that that's what was going to happen, with producer Mike De Luca on board.

However, De Luca has now given an interview to Collider which brings the prospect of a Metal Gear Solid movie to an end. He told that site that "I don't think it's going to move forward because I got the sense that there may not be enough of a coordinated will at this point on the side of certain parties to see a movie get made." revealing that for the time being at least, the film wasn't happening.

That said, there is the small matter of the upcoming Prince Of Persia movie coming out this summer, and all eyes will be on that. If it does well, as it probably will, then one or two videogames may well see their path to the big screen cleared. And Metal Gear Solid, along with Halo, could be the obvious beneficiaries.


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