2012 gets DVD and Blu-ray release date

News Simon Brew
4 Jan 2010 - 06:38

Roland Emmerich’s science fiction smash hit 2012 is arriving on disc in March…

It's been quite a winter for science fiction, as Hollywood is finding once more that it's a genre to back if you've looking for a sizeable event movie. Avatar has been grabbing the headlines of late, as you might expect, but in the month beforehand, Roland Emmerich showed he hadn't lost his box office touch either, with the huge success of his latest blockbuster, 2012.

2012 has, to date, brought in - you ready for this? - $736m. $163m of that has come from the US box office, with a massive $572m being brought in internationally. Not for the first time in 2009, the overseas box office has transformed a solid hit into a massive one (check out the Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs numbers for the most potent proof of that).

This, inevitably, has led to some interest in the DVD and Blu-ray release for the film, and Sony has now earmarked this for March. Specifically, preorders have gone up for 29th March 2010 in the UK, with a 2nd March 2010 release date currently earmarked in the US.

We'll keep you posted if any of these dates change...

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