Zombieland 2 coming, set to be in 3D?

News Simon Brew
25 Nov 2009 - 07:14

A sequel to Zombieland looks like it’s on the cards, with the original cast and director all set to return. Good, good…

One of the most gleefully entertaining films of the year has surely been the horror-comedy Zombieland, a movie that not only proved to be something of a hit, but one that also gave Woody Harrelson his best movie role in years.

There had been some doubt about a sequel to the film, with it, at one point, getting pulled into a debate about movie piracy. But it seems that somewhere along the lines, common sense has prevailed. As such, Moviehole has discovered that, not only is Sony very keen to move forward with a sequel, but that the film's cast - Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone - are also primed and ready to return. Original director Ruben Fleischer is up for it, too.

The film, the site reports, is a couple of years off, and Fleischer also plans to make it in 3D. To be honest, he could make it standing in a pot of yoghurt for all we care, as long we get a Zombieland 2 out of it at the end.

He will be turning his attention to a different project before he does the Zombieland sequel, however. So our guess is we're looking at somewhere around 2012 before we see it.

Here's the Moviehole story.

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