David Tennant and Simon Pegg for Burke and Hare

News John Moore
14 Oct 2009 - 20:24

David Tennant keeps finding post-Doctor Who work, as he teams up with Simon Pegg and John Landis for Burke and Hare...

Den of Geek loves John Landis. His films between '77 and '86 shaped comedy and horror for the era - and were a catalyst for the modern-day penchant to blend the two genres... Hey, we'll forgive his latter-day visits back to the well as a Hollywood pension plan deserved of a man with his credit list.

Anyway, exciting news coming from Aint It Cool states that Landis is looking to rope two other DoG faves, none other than Simon Pegg and David Tennant, into his forthcoming movie Burke And Hare, slated for next year.

The story - of two infamous bodysnatchers famous for delivering their wares a little warmer than usual, if you get my drift - brings forth a whole avalanche of comic-horror possibilities, and the idea of those two kinetic personalities bouncing off each other in natty victorian garb is certainly an exciting prospect - Pegg already having proved himself attuned to Landis' schtick with Shaun Of The Dead, of course.   

B&H (please don't be tempted to use that, if there are any PR bods for the studio around) will be Landis' first directorial project since 1998's Susan's Plan and Blues Brothers 2000 - so let's hope he's got those out of his system and steps up to this with his late 70s, American Werewolf, game-face on. If he does, it could be great.


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