Kevin Smith: "I think we've got the money for Red State"

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8 Oct 2009 - 16:42
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith looks us in the eye and tells us: it looks like he's got the money to make his long-mooted horror film, Red State....

Kevin Smith is in London right now to promote his new book – Shooting The Sh*t With Kevin Smith: The Best Of The SModcast – and do a couple of Evening With sessions while he’s here.

We’ve just got out of a half hour interview with the man, that took in lots of stuff on A Couple Of Dicks, working with Bruce Willis, where he’s heading next and how the book came together. We’ll have all that for you early next week. But we couldn’t hang around to give you this titbit.

We asked him about the state of his oft-mooted horror film Red State, which the Weinsteins had passed on and, due to its dark nature, he’s had trouble getting the funding together for (a story that’s been fairly well charted over the past year or two). It's not a conventional Kevin Smith project by any measure, and it's not a commercial film. Thus, the project has stalled due to not having the funding for it in place.

However, he told us – and we’ve got this on tape:

“I got a call at 2am last night. I think we’ve got the money for Red State.”

We double checked that with him directly to make sure that’s what the man said. And he did. Whether it’s his next project or not is unclear (but unlikely, we’d wager). But Red State might, at last, actually be happening.

Check back next week for the full interview. And many thanks to Kevin Smith for sparing us the time today...

Shooting The Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best Of The SModcast is out now.

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