Watchmen: The Director’s Cut set for UK release

News Simon Brew
6 Oct 2009 - 06:17

One of the extended cuts of Watchmen is finally arriving on UK Blu-ray. Now where’s the other one?

One of the offshoots of the deal to make the Watchmen movie was that in the US, Warner Bros would hold the rights to distribute the film. Meanwhile, over here, it's in Paramount's court. That accounts for why when earlier this year Warner Bros released not only the original cut of the film on DVD and Blu-ray but also the longer director's cut, we didn't get it over here. Paramount just released the theatrical cut.

Finally, though, Paramount Pictures has set about righting that wrong. The firm has confirmed that the Watchmen Director's Cut release will now happen in the UK from 30th November, and it'll be a Blu-ray only release by the looks of things (the Director's Cut did get a DVD release in the US). It's a two-disc set, and will feature a 187 minute cut of the film, along with an abundance of extra material, including a commentary from Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons.

That's one wrong righted. The next question, though, is whether we'll ever get the limited edition Ultimate Cut of the film that's coming out in the States this Christmas. That's the one that edits in the animated Tales From The Black Freighter material, and is arriving on DVD and Blu-ray in America from 3rd November.

The RRP of the UK Director's Cut Blu-ray has been set at £26.99 anyway, although that'll naturally enough be heavily discounted by shopping around.

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