Arnie lined up for Predators cameo?

News Simon Brew
30 Sep 2009 - 07:08

It's been denied in the past, but it seems there might still be room in Predators for Arnold Schwarzenegger...

We've been down this road before. Back when Terminator: Salvation was moving into production, there was debate and talk about whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would be able to take a day off from running California, and film a cameo for the movie. As it stood, they kind of fudged it a little, and instead relied on computer software to insert Arnie into the film, satisfying very few in the process.

Over at Latino Review, they've been taking a look at the script that Robert Rodriguez penned for the upcoming Predators movie, that's due next summer. Early script reviews don't always tend to be the best barometer of a movie's ultimate success, but certainly the word coming from their read through of the screenplay seems very positive indeed. That can't be a bad thing.

One thing they've unearthed while having a nosey is that in the script there's a cameo role that's been written in, and it's ready for Arnie should he commit to the film. Schwarzenegger is shortly to go before the camera for his brief appearance in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables, so it's possible that he may decide to lend a day to Predators too. But we'd wager that the cameo in the script is an easy one to chop out should he opt not to (and we'd still be surprised if he agreed to it).

While on the Predators movie, it's all but certain that Danny Trejo, hot off the set of Machete, will be joining the cast. And, as had been previously revealed, Nimrod Antal is directing, pending a release next July.

Find out more at Latino Review right here.

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