Jennifer’s Body hits US cinemas, five TV spot clips here

News Simon Brew
18 Sep 2009 - 07:50
Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox headlines a big movie for the first time, as Jennifer’s Body opens in the US. We’ve got five video clips here to mark the occasion…

Even though it doesn't arrive in the UK for a month or so yet, Megan Fox's first big leading performance arrives in US cinemas this weekend, as she headlines possessed cheerleader horror-comedy Jennifer's Body.

The film, which has been written by Juno scribe Diablo Cody, is the first real test of just how strong Megan Fox's box office power is, given that her biggest hits to date have been films that would have still pulled in their fair share of cash whether she'd been on board or not.

Early reviews for Jennifer's Body, then? They've not been hugely positive, generally citing the fact that the comedy element isn't funny enough, and the horror side isn't scary enough. At the time of writing, its Rotten Tomatoes score is ambling around the 33% mark, but we get to see over the next few days just how review-proof the film is likely to be. And, to be fair, some critics have really quite liked it. Our own Ron Hogan is off to see the film over the weekend, so we should have our thoughts for you the other side of the weekend.

In the meantime, here are the five TV spots that have been showing in the States to promote the film. But here in the UK, it's not arriving in cinemas until 6th November. Ho hum.

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