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News Simon Brew
14 Aug 2009 - 07:41
X-Men: Origins Wolverine

The further adventures of Wolverine are to be penned by Mr Christopher McQuarrie. Does this mean Bryan Singer may be involved, too?

Earlier in the week, we reported the confirmation that the second spin-off Wolverine movie would follow the popular comic book story arc that sent the character off to Japan. Based on the mini-series from Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, Wolverine attempts to balance his instincts to be, well, a little bit violent with a code of honour. Hugh Jackman's love of said story arc has been well documented.

The man now tasked with adapting it for the screen is Christopher McQuarrie. What's interesting here is that McQuarrie has penned two films directed by Bryan Singer (who, of course, did the first two X-Men Movies), in the form of The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie. Furthermore, McQuarrie has undertaken script-doctoring duties too, with the first X-Men movie one of his jobs, and he and Singer attempted a remake of Logan's Run as well.

Does the fact that McQuarrie is penning Wolverine 2 suggest the hand of Mr Singer somewhere? We suspect not in this case, actually, although given how closely the pair have collaborated in the past, we wouldn't rule it out altogether.

Anyway, McQuarrie has the small challenge of actually having to write the thing first before we find out too much else...


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