Tron Legacy director heads for the skies

News Martin Anderson
30 Jul 2009 - 07:10
Poster for Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion

New post-apocalypse drama finds surviving mankind looking down on the scorched Earth...

Joseph Kosinski, the director of Tron Legacy, is to helm a self-penned science-fiction film entitled Oblivion for Radical Pictures.

The movie, unrelated to any video-games, will be co-produced by the director along with David Fincher, Barry Levine and David Morrison from Anonymous Content, and features a cloud-dwelling post-apocalypse mankind that keeps itself aloof from the polluted and toxic landscape below.

The young hero of the story finds a crashed spaceship with a beautiful woman inside, which apparently delightful piece of serendipity leads to a dangerous series of events.

Placing cities in the sky has been done in various SF vehicles before, including The Empire Strikes Back, Captain Scarlet and The Cloud Minders from Star Trek TOS, A beautifully poetic idea, it's also one that's hard to swallow in straight sci-fi, suggesting almost God-like technological powers.

"I was looking to make a science fiction film that I could do on a budget," Kosinski said of the initial concept. "It's grown since then, but it's intended to be a very spare science fiction film, with a small cast but big ideas and big landscapes."

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