Top 150 actors that resemble each other

News Martin Anderson
9 Nov 2008 - 21:25

Take the Den Of Geek eye test with a mammoth round-up of celebrity doppelgangers…

Not all actors that look alike are in the 'separated at birth' category - a resemblance can be a very fleeting thing, and many of the comparisons here span decades…

Pacino and Naughton Hopkins and Mikhail Baryshnikov
75: Al Pacino / David Naughton 74: Anthony Hopkins / Mikhail Baryshnikov
Before Pacino II (round about the time of Scarface), there was a pretty strong resemblance between the sweary thesp and the unlucky lead of American Werewolf in London (1981). Naughton was born 11 years after Pacino. Best known in recent years for a 9-episode stint as Aleksandr Petrovsky in the 2003-04 season of Sex And The City, the legendary dancer has turned into Sir Anthony only in recent years. No more fava beans for him.
Gazzara and Desiderio Sheen and Getty
73: Ben Gazzara / Robert Desiderio 72: Charlie Sheen / Balthazar Getty
A TV regular on shows like The Sopranos and Ugly Betty, Desiderio's longest stint was as Ted Melcher at the shank end of Knots Landing.  A high forehead and compact chin gains him easy admittance to Jackie Treehorn's exclusive locales. His name's straight out of Dickens but Getty's DNA seems to be sleeping in Martin Sheen's guest-house, even if those Dan Dare eyebrows and formidable chin have brought him slightly less personal-life turbulence than his face-sake.
Honourable mention:Liev Schreiber
Rickman and Green Bastedo and Deborah (or Debbie) Harry
71: Alan Rickman / Tom Green 70: Alexandra Bastedo / Deborah Harry
Canadian rapper/actor Green has humped his last moose in his search for mainstream acceptability with Jay Leno and as a contestant on The Apprentice, but - by Grabthar's hammer! - he won't shake off the Sheriff of Nottingham so easily. Bastedo, star of The Champions, and Videodrome actress Harry share an exquisite 'jawness' and mesmerising eyes that have seen both top the charts as 'most beautiful woman in the world' in their time. Did you spot Bastedo in Batman Begins…?
James Franco and James Dean Jessica Alba and Arielle Kebbel
69: James Franco / James Dean 68: Jessica Alba / Arielle Kebbel
Compared at various times to Hayden Christenson and Heath Ledger, Spiderman and Pineapple Express heartthrob Franco wins the Martin Sheen gold star for a credible comparison with the poster-legend from Rebel Without A Cause.
Honourable mention: Jeff Buckley
With more combined cheek than an elephant's arse, these wide-faced wonders have both graced the pages of Maxim, with Grudge 2/Uninvited actress Kebbel doing a shoot in 2004. Alba also did a photoshoot for the pages of GQ.
Honourable mention:Vanessa Minnillo
Nic Cage and Michael McDonald Alan Cumming and Paul Reubens
67: Nicolas Cage / Michael McDonald 66: Alan Cumming / Paul Reubens
McDonald left Fox's MADtv after 10 years as longest-serving cast member, but since Nic Cage dumped the carbs for the likes of Ghost Rider he has had to share his face as well as his name (with the ex-singer of The Doobie Brothers). Can Paul Reubens really shake off the problematic press since 1991 and come back with Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Movie (2009)? In any case, if he gets into any more trouble, GoldenEye/X2 actor Cumming can still stand in.
Ben Browder and Michael Shanks Gwen Stefani and Britney Murphy
65: Ben Browder / Michael Shanks 64: Gwen Stefani / Brittany Murphy
It's hard when a show casts similar-looking actors in different roles but hunks Browder and Shanks have both adorned Stargate SG1, as Cameron Mitchell and Daniel Jackson, respectively. From the evidence of this pic, they're great mates too. A gaunt aspect and certain 'Cruella De Ville' sharpness to the chin defines the similarity here. This 'Reese Witherspoon special' doesn't suit everyone; but Brittany (or Britney, if you haven't got the energy for that extra syllable) and Gwen carry it off.
Adam Sandler and Jason Biggs Sandra Bullock and Rosalyn Sanchez
63: Adam Sandler / Jason Biggs 62: Sandra Bullock / Rosalyn Sanchez
Sandler's biopic is at least partly cast: American Pie actor Biggs - currently in Lower Learning - causes confusion worldwide: "Hey, that guy looks a bit like Adam Sandler. No, hang on, he's not Sandler but he is famous. Does…not…compute…" Rush Hour 2's Sanchez, a one-time 'Miss Puerto Rico Petite', shares a large but soft jawline with the 14th-richest female celebrity of 2007, though she has a more refined nose and lower lip. Bullock's next release is All About Steve (2009).
Bruce Campbell and Matt Dillon David Bowie and Billy Drago
61: Bruce Campbell / Matt Dillon 60: David Bowie / Billy Drago
It was a bit less obvious around the time of Rumblefish and the original Evil Dead, but these manliest of chin-meisters are beginning to resemble eachother with the years. Campbell has less deep-set eyes, though time's passage shows less on Dillon. Compared also to Jack Palance and Airwolf's Jan Michael Vincent, Hills Have Eyes and X-Files actor Drago shares a predilection for sci-fi and horror with the man who fell to Earth, who played a mad scientist in The Prestige.
Honourable mention: Ricky Gervais
Geoffrey Palmer and Geoffrey Lewis Christian Bale and James Brolin
59: Geoffrey Palmer / Geoffrey Lewis 58: Christian Bale / James Brolin
Lewis - Eastwood crony and father of Juliette Lewis - shares a lugubrious, jowl-based face with Doctor Who and UK TV regular Palmer. If they weren't on opposite sides of the atlantic it could have been a disaster on the scale of #22. There's a certain generic uniformity to the Dark Knight actor's face that finds him compared to more other actors than we can list here, but 70s hunk Brolin - father of Josh - could comfortably be BatDad.
Honourable mention:Adam Levine
Robert De Niro and Elias Koteas Chuck Norris and Tim Allen
57: Robert DeNiro / Elias Koteas 56: Chuck Norris / Tim Allen-
De Niro gets compared to some absurdly un-like names by teenagers who think all 'old people' look the same, but Curious Case Of Benjamin Button actor Koteas has got the chops for lookalike status.
Honourable mention: Christopher Meloni
Slated for Toy Story 3, comedian and Galaxy Quest star Allen is heading to be a dead ringer for the semi-retired 80s action hero, though 13 years his junior. We need to see it with the beard though.
Uma Thurman and Sybil Danning Alec Baldwin and Fess Parker
55: Uma Thurman / Sybil Danning 54: Alec Baldwin / Fess Parker
The slimmed-down and narrower-faced Thurman of the Kill Bill movies bears a striking resemblance to 80s slasher/horror/sci-fi pin-up Danning, as did the flexible-faced Marley Shelton (who we'll meet again later) in Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror. Famous for playing Daniel Boone and Disney's Davy Crockett in the 50s and 60s, 84 year-old Parker's last non-documentary contribution to a movie was on the soundtrack of Back To The Future singing The Ballad Of Davy Crockett.
Vera Miles and Jenna Malone Gary Sinise and DeForest Kelly
53: Vera Miles / Jena Malone 52: Gary Sinise / DeForest Kelly
Malone, who recently featured in The Ruins and Law & Order, shares a certain nervous edge and the narrow-but-soft features of the Psycho actress, who reprised her original role as Lila Loomis in Pyscho II (1983). The original Dr McCoy has a very distinctive assembly of facial features that rarely crops up in Hollywood. Karl Urban is a good face-sake for the new Star Trek movie, but Sinise has the latter section of any Kelly biopic to himself.
Hayden Panettiere and  Portia DeRossi Hugh Jackman and Goran Visnjic
51: Hayden Panettiere / Portia de Rossi 50: Hugh Jackman / Goran Visnjic
A strawberry-shaped jawline defines the essence of the similarity between Panettierre - who plays Claire Bennet in Heroes - and Arrested Development's de Rossi, the Aussie actress also slated to feature in the new AD film. Croatian-born Visnjic caused many a heart-murmur as Dr. Luka Kovač in ER, though he's not in the Jackman knicker-throwing league yet. This is one of those resemblances which is created rather than destroyed by the smile.
Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jennifer Connolly and Mia Kirshner
49: Javier Bardem / Jeffrey Dean Morgan 48: Jennifer Connolly / Mia Kirshner
Hat-trick success in Supernatural, Weeds and Grey's Anatomy in 2006 shot jobbing actor Morgan to fame just as Bardem reached Oscar-winning prominence in No Country For Old Men. Both share the menacing and smouldering stare of Oliver Reed. Oscar-winning actress Connolly shares a sultry, semi-Latin quality with Kirshner, a very soft and retro openness of face and lack of guile. Post-Oscar Connolly isn't doing TV right now, so no intriguing L-Word appearance for her…
Brad Pitt and Duncan James Jennifer Garner and Rachel Mcadams
47: Brad Pitt / Duncan James 46: Jennifer Garner / Rachel Mcadams
30 year-old Brit TV presenter/actor/singer James has the same tousled blond hair, compressed eyelids and roughly-hewn, lopsided jawline as the intense and unpredictable heart-throb Pitt. It must be admitted that he's lacking in menace, though. Currently playing opposite Robert Downey Jr's. Sherlock Holmes (2009) for Guy Ritchie, mean girl Mcadams is another Witherspoon-esque chinette (see #64). But since no woman in Hollywood has more chin than Witherspoon, she gets compared to Garner instead.
Kevin Spacey and Currie Graham Rita Hayworth and Maureen O'Hara
45: Kevin Spacey / Currie Graham 44: Rita Hayworth / Maureen O'Hara
Spacey-alikes aren't thick on the ground, but NYPD Blue's Lt. Thomas Bale captures something of the actor's off-beat physiognomy. Narrow eyes, a high forehead and a dimple-ridden smile are the key to the resemblance. With only two years between them, Ireland's O'Hara and New York's Hayworth presented similarly beautiful faces on the silver screen (and occasionally airbrushed onto bombers) in their hayday. Make-up of the period was very stylised, but the bone structure seems similar.
Jerry Seinfeld and Sacha Baron Cohen Mark Rufalo and Vincent D'Onofrio
43: Jerry Seinfeld / Sacha Baron Cohen 42: Vincent D'Onofrio / Mark Ruffalo
Looking at the above picture, I'm actually seeing a bit more Hugh Jackman than Jerry Seinfeld in the moody visage of Borat's creator. But Cohen is only a big smile away from resembling the richest comedian on the planet. D'Onofrio was a visually passable Orson Welles in Tim Burton's Ed Wood (1995). Ruffalo is a much closer match, although he shares some lineaments with a younger Chris Sarandon. D'Onofrio has the most mutable face in showbiz, and not just in MiB2.
Jessica Harper and Frances O'Connor Nick Nolte and Gary Busey
41: Jessica Harper / Frances O'Connor 40: Nick Nolte / Gary Busey
A very soft but to-fore lower facial area defines the often astonishing resemblance between the Suspiria/Shock Treatment actress Harper - a ubiquitous face in the 70s - and O'Connor, whose biggest film-role of recent years was in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001). Together these two could kick shit for Kansas. It was hard to find a pic of wild-man Busey, once a stick-insect with little Nolte about him - where he doesn't look like a lion who is about to eat you.
Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan Matthew Broderick and John Cryer
39: Jimmy Fallon / Chris Kattan 38: Matthew Broderick / John Cryer
Kattan shares not only an actual but a career profile with SNL stable-mate Fallon - both are writers and comedians delving into acting. Kattan is the darker-looking of the two, crossing over into Brad Dourif country around the eyes. What a couple of cheeky, chippy chaps. Cryer's resemblance to eternal teenager Broderick was far more evident in the early days hallmarked by Pretty In Pink, but you'll often see a glimmer of it in Two And A Half Men.
John Heard and Garwin Sanford
37: John Heard / Garwin Sanford 36: Johnny Depp / Skeet Ulrich
A familiar face in film and TV for decades, John Heard was most visible on the small screen as Governor Frank Tancredi in Prison Break. Sanford, a Stargate SG1 actor who frequently appears in sci-fi TV, shares that 'John Goodman' brand of lugubriousness with him. Jericho's Ulrich is a classic Depp lookalike where the resemblance is beginning to fade. The thing that most tied the actors together was a predilection for under-developed beards, and Ulrich lacks the intense gaze of Captain Jack.
Keir Dullea and Joshua Cox Julian MacMahon and Kerr Smith
35: Keir Dullea / Joshua Cox 34: Julian MacMahon / Kerr Smith
Cox recently completed work on the 2009-scheduled remake of Last House On The Left, and has been a long-standing presence in Strong Medicine and Babylon 5. The unearthly eyes he shares with the 2001 actor could get him typecast though. Famous for Dawson's Creek, Justice and Final Destination, Smith has the same brooding ambiguity of mood that makes MacMahon so compelling as an actor. Those saturnine eyebrows are straight out of 1950s adventure comics.
Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian Kim Novak and Gail O'Grady
33: Eva Longoria / Kim Kardashian 32: Kim Novak / Gail O'Grady
Desperate Housewife Longoria has little in common with Disaster Movie (2008) actress and gadabout socialite Kardashian, besides a few cloned lineaments and stylings., but the lower facial area and eyes area  good match.
Honourable mention: Nicole Scherzinger
Three episodes of Desperate Housewives and 7 of Boston Legal are only part of Grady's considerable TV resume, and she's a pretty good pass for the 'Hitchcock blonde' who most famously deceived James Stewart in Vertigo (1958).
Raquel Welch and Laura Harring Jane Fonda and Sigourney Weaver
31: Raquel Welch / Laura Harring 30: Jane Fonda / Sigourney Weaver
There's more Latin bone-structure than charm in most of Raquel's prickly roles, but Harring - who received her biggest plaudits for David Lynch's bewildering Mulholland Drive (2001) has the rare face and body combination to recall Welch's early work.
Honourable mention: Eva Mendes
From her first screen-test for Alien, the Fox secretaries were drawing comparisons between Weaver and Fonda, although Ripley is a much more savvy astronaut than Barbarella. A common fineness of features and penetrating gaze, but the mouth is the most obviously cloned section.
Leonardo Di Caprio and Emile Hirsch Linda Evans and Bo Derek
29: Leonardo Di Caprio / Emile Hirsch 28: Linda Evans / Bo Derek
The roughly-drawn eyebrows and the distinctive smile are where the Alpha Dog and Speed Racer actor meets up with the King of the World himself, who has just finished filming his third Scorsese, Shutter Island (2009). Say what you like of the one-time matinee idol and latterday smut-peddler, but John Derek knew what he liked in women. His marriages included face-alikes Ursula Andress, Linda Evans and Bo Derek. I bet he always ordered the same thing at the Chinese too.
Felicity Kendal and Zoe Wanamaker Kirstie Alley and Meg Foster
27: Felicity Kendal / Zoe Wanamaker 26: Kirstie Alley / Meg Foster
Two regulars of British TV who have only fallen under the spell of similarity in recent years. Kendall was a huge sex-symbol in 1970s Britain, and you always got plenty of face per pound in The Good Life. The unearthly Meg Foster was the second 'Cagney' in Cagney And Lacey after Loretta Swit in the 1980s, though shortly replaced by Sharon Gless. Meantime the equally clear-eyed Alley was the first Saavik in Wrath Of Khan, going on to Cheers.
Jennifer Carpenter and Victoria Maurette Malcolm McDowell and Sting
25: Jennifer Carpenter / Victoria Maurette 24: Malcolm McDowell / Sting
Maurette is an Argentine actress with only one English-language film to date, but slated for Tales of the Ancient Empire (2010) with Kevin Sorbo. Someone appears to have Photoshopped the mouth of Carpenter (Dexter, Quarantine) onto her. Oddly enough, either could play Karen Carpenter. As our faces turn into the play-dough of advancing years, it's hard to tell who we'll end up looking like, but I would never have put money on the original Droog morphing into preachy popster Sting.
Bitty Schram and Virginia Madsen
23: Virginia Madsen / Bitty Schram 22: Tom Bosley / David Doyle
A huge-eyed, quadruple-X chromosome visage joins together Oscar-nominated Madsen and Golden Globe nominated Schram. With hair from the Carol Kane school of seventies frizz, there was already a lot of similarity between them facially. The resemblance is superficial, but the confusion enormous at the time, as Doyle played a character called 'Bosley' in the original Charlie's Angels just as Happy Days' popularity exploded. Tom went on to solve cases even dafter than Diagnosis Murder's as Father Dowling. Or was it Doyle?
Matthew McConaughey and Josh Lucas
21: Matthew McConaughey / Josh Lucas 20: Tim Robbins / Michael J. Pollard
In a pre-PC Hollywood, Stealth and Poseidon actor Lucas would have been a Marlboro Man at some point in his career. Both he and McConaughey look - in the words of City Slickers - like saddlebags with eyes. Rugged stuff. Most famous for his disingenuous role in Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Pollard went on to work in a wide range of film and TV, most recently in House of 1000 Corpses (2003). I wonder if he avoids Republicans for fear of injury?
Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore Bette Midler and Joy Behar
19: Michael Madsen / Tom Sizemore 18: Bette Midler / Joy Behar
Big, tough Steppenwolf vet (and brother of #23) Madsen off-sets his tough-guy image with poetry, while troubled Sizemore is doing likewise by getting up for work in the morning - he headlines Shadows in Paradise (2008) with Armand Assante. Stand-up comedian and actress Behar smiles her way into Midler's fizzog, but even in repose and without any parity of style or hair-colour, it's an amazing resemblance. There are only two years between Behar and one-time Hollywood certainty Midler.
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Mary Steenburgen and Kate Bush
17: Paris Hilton / Nicole Richie 16: Mary Steenburgen / Kate Bush
Resemblance by osmosis? Richie and Hilton are best friends and enjoyers/producers of The Simple Life. Richie makes more TV and film appearances as someone other than herself, though, appearing in Chuck, 8 Simple Rules and American Dreams. Celebrity resemblances can be very fleeting, and it's really only in Goin' South (1978) that Mrs. Ted Danson bore a truly uncanny resemblance to the winsome and eccentric UK singer (and later, actor), who had just come into the public eye.
Kurt Russell and David Keith Shaun Ashmore and Neil Patrick Harris
15: Kurt Russell / David Keith 14: Shawn Ashmore / Neil Patrick Harris
Can't you just see these two strapping a deer's carcass to the hood? Keith has always been reliable support, appearing in films such as Daredevil, U-571, and bailing out in An Officer And A Gentleman. There was something distinctly 'Doogie Howser' about Bobby Drake in the last two X-Men films, but he's outgrowing it with new work like The Ruins (2008). Harris as a hard-nosed scientist in Starship Troopers (1997) was a bit of a reach, though.
Jude Law and Rufus Sewell Pam Grier and Salli Richardson
13: Jude Law / Rufus Sewell 12: Pam Grier / Salli Richardson
Law and Sewell shared screentime in 2006's rom-com The Holiday. With fine features and intense eyes, their energy is pretty androgynous, something put to good use in Spielberg's Kubrick collaboration A.I., where Law played a robot gigolo with a plastic aspect. TV veteran Richardson interrupted her regular stint on Eureka to play in I Am Legend, and if she's any legend, she's Pam Grier - the badass superchick of 70s blaxploitation (also an L-Word veteran and star of 2009's The Invited).
Blake Lively and Sarah Roemer
11: Lisa Kudrow / Teri Garr 10: Blake Lively / Sarah Roemer
Teri Garr had the market on kooky blonde nutcases sewn up in films such as Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and After Hours, before passing the mantle on to face-sake Lisa Kudrow in the epic run of Friends and - later - Analyse This. Shia LaBeouf's love interest in Disturbia is a pretty good face-match for Gossip Girl's Lively, who recently finished shooting the Brad Pitt-produced The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009).
Honourable mention:Kristin Cavalleri
Amy Smart and Peta Wilson Robert Picardo and David Lee Roth
9: Amy Smart / Peta Wilson 8: Robert Picardo / David Lee Roth
Crank 2's Amy Smart is 5 years younger than La Femme Nikita's markedly non-French assassin Wilson, who also cameoed in Superman Returns (2006). Not quite close enough for identical twins, too close for siblings, so don't expect a team-up.
Honourable mention: Natalie Dormer
Picardo earned his geek credibility as the psychopathic werewolf in The Howling (1981), the holo-doctor in Star Trek: Voyager and a hideous swamp-wraith in Legend (1985). David Lee Roth has played cards in The Sopranos, but he's a late starter.
Vin Diesel and Dorian Gregory
7: Vin Diesel / Dorian Gregory 6: Zooey Deschanel / many others
The last host of Soul Train and Darryl Morris on Charmed, Gregory has that unmistakeable Diesel-power to his smile, though what that's getting to be worth in the wake of Babylon A.D. is anyone's guess.
Honourable mention:Chris Daughtry
The star of The Happening gets her own category for the number of comparisons she inspires, including Cloverfield's Lizzy Caplan, Chloë Sevigny, Anna Friel and Fairuza Balk, but the most striking resemblance is currently to singer Katey Perry.
Heather Graham and Marley Shelton Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman
5: Heather Graham / Marley Shelton 4: Keira Knightley / Natalie Portman
As well as doing a pretty good Sybil Danning in 2007's Planet Terror (see #55), Marley Shelton - currently featured in 'W' - does an amazing Heather Graham from the lads-mag days. The original is currently filming Son of Mourning. What made The Phantom Menace so confusing (let's not talk about what made it bad) was the use of such a striking lookalike for Portman as Knightley. Under the make-up, it's just impossible to say who's who - and it's still a notable resemblance.
Helen Hunt and Leelee Sobieski
3: Tobey Maguire / Jake Gyllenhaal 2: Helen Hunt / Leelee Sobieski
For a long time many of us suspected that Gyllenhaal was the insurance policy in case Maguire got greedy over the Spiderman franchise. Hardly anyone would notice a substitution. As it turns out, he'd probably be the 'luxury' option now. A thinness of the lips, alabaster skin and almost lidless eyes defines the striking similarity between the reluctant love-interest from As Good As It Gets (1997) and the co-star of 88 Minutes (2007). Sobieski is shortly to co-star with Danny Glover in Night Train (2009).
Thomas Jane and Christopher Lambert  
1: Thomas Jane / Christopher Lambert  
There can be only one. Apparently not. Of all these resemblances, the Jane/Lambert combination is the most striking and persistent. If they both came up to you at a party, you'd give your drink a suspicious look.
Honourable mention: James Purefoy


Charlize Theron / Natalie Maines
Dr. Phil / Jeffrey Tambor
Ernest Borgnine / everyone
Harrison Ford / Nick Faldo
Rachel Perry / Amy Acker
Tina Fey / Sarah Palin
Robert Patrick / Don Henley (Would you tell the T1000 himself that you hate the ****ing Eagles?)


Here are some frequently-flagged matches where you wouldn't need a Voigt-Kampf test, in my opinion...

Alexander Siddig / James Callis
Amy Winehouse / Lindsay Lohan / Britney Spears
Ann Margaret / Lindsay Lohan
Antoni Corone / Brian Krause
Billy Campbell / Thomas Gibson
Christopher Cazenove / Jeffrey Nordling
Clancy Brown / Brendan Fraser
Clint Eastwood  / Matthew Settle
Dana Delany / Patricia Heaton
Dana Plato / Lindsay Lohan
David Strathairn / David Garrison
Debi Mazar / Fairuza Balk / Ione Skye
Diana Quick / Sue Holderness
Dominic Purcell / Eric Bana
Ed Norton / James McAvoy
Eric Idle / David Threlfall
Eva Longoria / Marisa Tomei
Famke Janssen / Amy Jo Johnson (Power Rangers V1)
Jeri Ryan / Denise Richards
John Goodman / Paul Rae
Judi Bowker / Callista Flockhart
Keri Russell / Michelle Pfeiffer
Lance Henriksen / Clint Eastwood
Lena Headey / Brooke Langton
Megan Fox / Angelina Jolie
Melinda Clarke / Musetta Vander
Mena Suvari / Kate Bosworth
Monica Bellucci / Rachel Wiecz
Parker Posey / Rachel Mcadams
Robert Englund / Steven Spielberg
Rosalind Russell / Susan Hayward
Rose MacGowan / Ann Margret
Ryan Reynolds /Jason Lee
Salma Hayek / Penelope Cruz
Samantha Mathis / Asia Argento
Sophia Myles / Monica Keener
Susan Sarandon / Lesley Ann Warren
Tippi Hedren / Penelope Ann Miller
Tom Hanks / John Delancie
Tom Selleck / Lee Horsley
Tony Lo Bianco / Gregory Harrison
William Shatner / Orson Welles

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