John Connor fights nude Arnie in Salvation

News Martin Anderson
12 May 2009 - 07:11
I need your clothes, your gun, your car…

He'll be back but he'll not be dressed…

E! Online reports that Christian Bale fights a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation. Christian Bale said: "I get a thrill out of seeing the scene where Connor faces off against the original T-800...I didn't meet [Schwarzenegger] on the set. He didn't have to expend one second of time."

Traditionally the terminators are found naked because they have just travelled through time, where clothes aren't allowable baggage, but there seems to be a lot of footage set in a terminator factory in Salvation, so perhaps Bale gets to fight a hot-off-the-press T800...?

It has to be said that the cinematic history of nude men fighting is not a glorious one. Oliver Reed fought Alan Bates nude in Women In Love, which made quite a stir at the time, but is regarded rather comically now. Kirk Douglas's insistence on fighting Harvey Keitel in the nude was gloriously lampooned by Saturn 3 screenwriter Martin Amis in his later novel Money, whilst Viggo Mortensen's sauna-set fist-fight in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises required some careful camera angles too.

In a climate where McG has excised Moon Bloodgood's bare breasts from the theatrical cut of Salvation to appease MPAA nervousness, we're not expecting to have our eyes poked out in this nude slug-out either...


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