Steamy Barbarella remake shelved

News Martin Anderson
6 May 2009 - 13:12
Rose McGowan not to be Barbarella. Awww...

Robert Rodriguez axes the new version of the space-siren's adventures, and indicates we missed something pretty hot...

MTV gleaned from director Robert Rodriguez, during a promotional interview for the Blu-ray release of Sin City, that his proposed remake of the sexy (and a little trippy) Roger Vadim sci-fi flick Barbarella is not to be.

We had hoped and heard otherwise, but controversies about casting (Rose MacGowan, then attached to Rodriguez, was set to play the title role) and budgeting concerns were perhaps the least of the film's problems:

“We had all this artwork and screen tests of what it would look like." Rodriguez told MTV. "It was a really cool, R-rated, sexy—almost like that movie Heavy Metal [the remake of which is also facing many of the same problems - Ed ]- version of a Star Wars movie. Something that no one ever could get to see. It was gonna be really great.”

The main concern Rodriguez cites for the decline of Barbarella V2.0 was that he would have had to shoot and post the entire movie in Germany, transplanting his family there for the duration.

That said, Rodriguez also told the site that the production sketches and conceptual artwork for Barbarella were among the main factors that condemned it:

“People said, ‘Why are you doing Barbarella?” Rodriguez comments. “And I showed them the artwork and explained it. They would go, ‘Ooooh, okay!’".

Sounds shameful. We'll be sure to filter any such images very carefully in the event that they fall into into our hands.

But frankly, what does such treatment bode for Rodriguez's Red Sonja, an even less-dressed heroine? Perhaps it's time to file both projects under 'wishful thinking for the boys'.


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