Are They Really Making Beverly Hills Cop 4?

News Simon Brew
29 May 2008 - 20:22
Axel Foley is back! And not be popular demand!

A franchise that was dead and buried is being jolted back to life: does Eddie Murphy really need the work that badly?

Nothing in Hollywood is dead. If you want further proof of that, then turn to the news that Paramount is set to revive the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, if only to stop Eddie Murphy making a shitty comedy every year.

You might remember that in spite of the fact that the first two films cleaned up in the 1980s, the third film – released in 1994 – absolutely bombed. Damning reviews and poor box office returns had seemingly killed the franchise, and since then franchise director John Landis has commented that Murphy’s decision to try and play the third film a lot more seriously did it no good whatsoever,

But revivals and reboots are the current trend in Hollywood, and Beverly Hills Cop 4 is now heading to production. Murphy is, as you’d expect, attached to the project, but original director Landis is nowhere to be seen. Instead, Paramount has called for Hollywood’s favourite hack director Brett Ratner to handle the reigns, an announcement that doesn’t excite a single person on the entire planet. Apart from, presumably, Brett Ratner.

The script is in the early stages apparently, and a 2010 release date is planned, over 25 years since the first film arrived. Can’t wait.

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